TTF is a world-class global provider of high quality Overhead Line Hardware,Transmission Hardware, Distribution Hardware, Conductors, Insulators, Cutout Switches, Anchoring and Grounding Products. TTF has a long established tradition of excellence in our marketplace. Our size and ability, combined with our commitment to meeting the different needs of our customers, has provided us with client relationships that span many years.

Our Benefits

We are a one-stop-shop for utility pole hardware fittings, transmission line accessories and power line construction equipment, providing our customers with the most extensive range of products in the industry, excellent value and knowledgeable service.

Knowledgable Service​

Customer service available 24/7. Our extensive global sourcing knowledge helps your manufacturing needs

Satisfaction Guarantee​

Our team of engineers oversees the quality of raw material supplies and the thickness of galvanized coating on every product.

Best Value

Our sales reps. proactively communicate with you to gather all technical requirements so that your delivery is top quality – guaranteed.

20 Years of Experience​

TTF and its global partners operate within a robust OEM model that integrates R&D, quality control, and logistic network.


5 Meiyuan Road, Tianjin

Open Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm